Purple Heart cover “A timely and provocative thriller, with a teenage American soldier at its center, is a nuanced exploration or  war, heroism and morality.” – Publishers Weekly List of the Best Books of 2009

“A thrilling, expertly layered mystery.” – The Horn Book

“At first readers will feel nearly as disoriented as Matt as he pieces together what happened, but his clarity  slowly returns, and both Matt and readers are filled with unease and a sinking dread…”Kirkus

“Patricia McCormick reminds us that the war in Iraq is not only about terrorists killing and being killed. The war is also about civilians who may be as deadly as insurgents, or who might be as innocent as they look. This book teaches us, young and old alike, how complicated war is.” – Karen Brigss, Indie Bookseller List

A letter from a reader:

I loved Sold, but Purple Heart touched me the most.

Matt’s story was my grandson’s story. I am the grandmother who lost her grandson to suicide. My grandson was just 20 yrs old, and unprepared for the horrors of being a gunner. He was ordered one day to shoot an 11-yr-old boy and his father when they stepped into the green zone. He knew both the father and son as he interacted with them frequently. They did not have explosives. After shooting them, he jumped out of the Humvee and held the child in his arms because he didn’t want the child to die alone without someone’s arms holding him. It tore Greg a part because he had an 11-yr-old brother at home.

There were many instances like these. He suffered terrible PTSD. He returned home in Oct. 2009 from Bagdad after a year-long tour. On Thanksgiving 2009 he took his own life. He couldn’t live with his demons. But, his soul left in service as he donated his organs so that others could live. – A Grandmother