Speaking Engagements


Dear Readers,


My speaking arrangements are handled by Natalie Duncan (Natalie.duncan@harpercollins.com.)at the Harper Collins Speakers Bureau. I customarily do three events in one day: for instance, two small class readings/a Q & A/writing workshop and one large-group assembly. Neither students nor schools are required to buy the books, but it does make for a more rewarding experience for students if they’ve read one of my books in advance.


I use a PowerPoint presentation featuring pictures of my research in the brothels of India and the small towns of Nepal to introduce students to the issue of human trafficking. And I have a short video that helps create context for students to understand Cambodia and the rise of the Khmer Rouge. These require a computer, projector, and screen.


I love to stop by the local book store and sign books if possible, or meet with local media.


I don’t have any special dietary requests, although I love dark chocolate, and am happy to eat lunch or dinner with a small group of students (the staff of the newspaper or the lit magazine, for instance) or with teachers or community leaders.


My goal is for your community to get the most out of my visit.


Patricia McCormick


If you would like to schedule a school or library visit, please contact Natalie.duncan@harpercollins.com.


If you would like to schedule Arn Chorn-Pond to speak, please contact Jodi Solomon.