Cut – Discussion Questions

  1. What event causes Callie to be admitted to Sea Pines? Do you think she unintentionally wanted to be discovered?
  2. What role does Callie’s father play in her feelings of guilt and isolation? Her mother? Her brother?
  3. What role does Amanda play in Callie’s recovery?
  4. Debbie is a caretaker. What does this mean? How is it problematic for her? For others? How does it affect Callie’s recovery?
  5. This book is about a tough topic, but there is some humor in it. Define “black humor” and describe the positive and negative roles it plays in the book.
  6. Each member of Callie’s family changes during her stay at Sea Pines. Describe their behavior before the book begins and after it closes.
  7. When the book begins, Callie isn’t speaking to anyone. What are the effects of her silence? Does it give her power over her situation? Over others? How does it work against her?
  8. In the opening passage- as well as others in the book- Callie addresses someone as “You.” Who is this person? What affect does this have on you as a reader?
  9. One theme of this book is “keeping secrets.” Name which characters are keeping secrets of their own, and which are keeping secrets for others. What effect does this have on their relationships?
  10. The book closes on an ambiguous note. What do you think happens to Callie when the book ends? What happens to the other characters?
  11. How is cutting different from suicide?
  12. What would you do if a friend tells you that she’s cutting?