Author Visits

Patty class visitSome parents have voiced their objections to the topics in  my books. As a mother—and as someone who writes for  other people’s children—I take these expression of concern  very seriously.

I think it’s very important, especially in a time when our  country is so divided, that we not dismiss these parents’  reactions. That we listen carefully to them, to the fear behind them. Because what we need when we are insecure and frightened—especially when it comes to an issue involving our children—is compassion. Without that basic level of respect, we’ll never reach an understanding of each other.

But I disagree with those who don’t want edgy books in their schools, stores and homes. Because those kids – the ones who are struggling with self-injury or substance abuse—ARE in our schools and our stores and our families. They may not be making eye contact. They may not be raising their hands—but they are dying for a way to understand what’s going on with them and dying for a way to talk about it.

That’s why I believe in edgy fiction. One person’s edge is someone else’s everyday reality.

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