Child slave in the US, looking for help telling her story.

Evelyn Chumbow was brought to the US when she was merely a child. She spent her entire childhood – form age 9 to 17, when she should have been in school, should have been going to birthday parties, should have been growing up – enslaved and abused.

She finally escaped and is now a college student. She has agreed to share her story here in the hopes that a writer or publisher will find her. Her story will move you, though, no matter who you are.


Malala wins Nobel Peace Prize

yousafzai_iammalalaMalala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot by the Taliban for fighting for the right to go to school, is the youngest person ever to win the Nobel.

She is sharing the award with Kailish Satyarthi, who has fought child trafficking for years.

How gratifying to see the fight for children’s rights given such attention. Sold cover