Crazy cool news: Filming of SOLD starts in Nepal today

When I met Jeffrey Brown, I thought he was a little crazy. He told me his high-school aged daughter had brought home a copy of SOLD, that he’d stayed up all night reading it, and that he was going to make it into a movie. Years have passed since then, years and a hundred doors that were shut in his face as he tried to secure funding. Eventually, he and his partner, Jane Charles, met a dozen women in Seattle, women who were interested in fighting trafficking, but who didn’t want to fund another program or another shelter. They wanted to spread the word about trafficking all over the world. Largely through the generosity of the “SOLD Sisters” and Jeffrey’s undying persistence, the film starts shooting today. I consider this a miracle – a miracle of generosity, tenacity and hope. Here is a proof of that miracle: a photo of the location he and Jane found for Lakshmi’s house.