Spring Awakening in the US: April 20

Mark your calendar now if you want to be part of a civilian uprising that will take place all over the United States.  But first, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/user/invisiblechildreninc?feature=watch

It’s about a group of people using social media – as well as old-fashioned yard signs and bumper stickers – to catch one of the world’s biggest criminals.

Joseph Kony, head of the Lord’s Resistance Army, has been kidnapping children from Uganda and other parts of Central Africa and killing them.  He kills some outright – shooting them or beheading them right in front of their friends – to show them what will happen if they don’t join his army. He kills the rest by sending them into battle with submachine guns. He robs all of them of a normal childhood.

He’s been wanted by international courts for 20 years – but has managed to evade justice. But 2012 should be his downfall. Because of a viral campaign to make Kony famous in 2012. Or rather infamous. It’s a brilliant twist on the way we use social media. Rather than using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Snookie-style, these activists are using it to make sure that Kony becomes just as big a household name. And, therefore, bring pressure on US and international leaders to commit to his capture and trial.

Their efforts will culminate on April 20th (watch the video to find out how).

When I heard that, it occurred to me that April is also the month during which Pol Pot came to power in Cambodia in 1975. His regime, the Khmer Rouge, rounded up the entire population, sent them to work camps in the country and eventually killed one out of every four Cambodians. Like the boys in the Lord’s Resistance Army, my friend, Arn Chorn Pond, was forced participate in those atrocities when he was only 11 years old.  Pol Pot was able to succeed as the mastermind of that genocide because the world did nothing.

Now, we have all have a chance to do something about a war criminal in our midst.

When I saw this video, I finally understood what’s so great about social media. I got it. Now we can all change the world – without even leaving home.