SOLD, the movie

SOLD movie posterI was proud beyond words to see SOLD, a film directed by Jeffrey Brown and produced by Jane Charles, at the Seattle International Film Festival last week. It is visually stunning and emotionally powerful. Here’s a link to the trailer: SOLD, a film produced by Emma Thompson.


The film has been chosen to open the Indian Film Festival in London on July 10th and the Asian Film Festival in New York in late July.


Details TBA.

70 Comments on “SOLD, the movie”

  1. Jason Hudson says:

    Can you recommend an agency to donate to to help fight child trafficking?

  2. I Love Sold says:



  4. meganlmadsen says:

    Hello. For several years now I have wanted to share my experience with others so that people may get another perspective on what they perceive human trafficking to be. I am an adult now and still struggle daily to overcome my past and being victimized. I am not a skilled writer like yourself , but as I mentioned I have wanted to bring more awareness to this taboo topic here in S.C. For years now. I was wondering if we could chat? I understand you are very busy so j hope you will have a few moments to reply back to me via email at Madsen.megan or call at 803-743-8469. Thank you and God Bless!
    Megan Madsen

  5. Pickle lick says:

    Y u no read reads ma Bookz? thye show sidez od shis noones tyhink about!!! RERAD THEMZ!!!

  6. Ashley White says:

    I would like to know what Lakshmi’s journey was like after leaving the brothel. The ending kinda left me wanting to know more.

  7. 6+z=porno says:

    patty please visi my page. it would mean alot to me :3

  8. 6+z=porno says:

    never mind. i forget alot of stuff hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i am the slave of lust

  9. bad tyipng says:

    jesse stop with tghe shit messages already!!!! jesus cvhrist

  10. gabagoo says:

    please talk to me someone im gonna cry

  11. gabagoo says:

    sah many comments aswell glad that mpeople like this too,some nto good, though, bnut i lsughedf

  12. bad tyipng says:

    hi i really lived tbsi boon. 8t5 ve amaxzingf ? haha lo0l umm antywats yesh, go0of stiff

  13. gabagoo says:

    hi in am from the sua andf i lovbed this movie so much it mademe cry aos mc7uh hawo cares i lvoe this

  14. Maharashta says:

    hey friends i looved this book, it be mazing

  15. Parveen Yousafzai says:

    I want to tell my story to all world like Malala…I am from Pakistan and also dearest friend of Malala.
    Please contact me.I am waiting.Thanks

  16. Majornpsych says:

    I pick up your book from time to time to remind my self of the terriable things I have done. Like the stepfather in your novel sold,I too have sold my step child to a orginized sex trade. I was much younger then and money was a problem at the time. I wonder if she’s still alive? I wonder if she knows the truth? Does she forgive me? Your book has made this hard to forget and I thank you for it.

  17. Edgar Hernandez says:

    Dear Patricia McCormick
    My name is Edgar Hernandez and I live in Denver, Colorado. I writing you too let you know that I am a big fan of yours. You hooked me with Sold and loved the way you write your stories.
    I finished the book Sold and I still get the chills of how the girl suffered so much and each time I think of that book I always think and get the chills about that last sentence “I’m Lakshmi, and I’m 13 Years-old.” I still a question. What happens next. Did she meet her parents again? Or did she goes to an orphanage? That question that I have make me think “second book”. Also how you give the details in how she was in that horrible house, the details in how that man; smelly, fat, ugly raped her, even thinking of it makes me have goosebumps. When I was reading the book and read that horrible stuff, I felt anger and sadness. Felt how can people do that.
    Thanks to you, I’ve learned that there’s still a lot of woman slavery and female trafficking around the world. Also people may not know that there is a lot of corrupt police in the world that do inhuman things for money. Throughout the book I’ve had questions. What happens to Lakshmi’s parents?, how did they get money? Still many questions that I have not answer.

    One thing that I would change about your book would be the end. Leaving us with so many questions, I would just give a little more detail in what had happened to her after. After all the suffering, sadness and anger that she overcomes, I thought the ending would be Lakshmi back with her mom happy. But I was wrong.

    Mrs. McCormick thank you so much for your valuables time reading this this latter. I hope that you will write me back, I can’t wait to read more books that you have

  18. MaryTang says:

    I’m Mary , from chongqing China ,i was heard of the book, but have not been able to find the original version in Chinese, just back from Cambodia, lucky enough to read the book at the airport bookstore, and bought it. Has always been like this book ! I like this word of the book :”one of the most inspiring and powerful books I’ve ever read” , if there have any movies like this book , I would love to watch .

  19. patricia says:

    I have not watch or read sold. I want to talk about cut. But now I want to read all your books. Cut is a great book cleverly written. I can relate to Callie so much. Then ending of the book I found myself crying and smiling two things I rarely do. It was so good! Guessing you never cut or starved yourself it was good and it didn’t make Callie look crazy, she comes off as a normal girl well at least to me anyway. I really hope they make this into a movie at some point. And I look forward to reading your other books

  20. clwalks says:

    Patricia I love your book sold, It is a compelling yet tragic story, I am 13 turning 14 and it causes a knot in my throat to think this still happens around the world to girls like me. Your story has given me an insight to mans capacity for inhumanity even in todays society.

  21. JackThomas says:

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  22. Fabian says:

    Dear Patricia,

    my Name is fabi. I’m 13 years old and in grade 8 in the Rhein Sieg Gymnasium.

    I’m thanking you to got the Chance to visit your LitCologne reading about Mallalas Story. The event was on Thursday, the 19th March 2015.

    The reading was very interesting, because of such a Story, which I have never heard before.

    I would like if you read more from your book next time without translation.

    With hoping for an answer I’m thanking you again for that great experience.

    Your Fabi

  23. Maren Gerhards says:

    Dear Ms.McCornick,
    Mz name is Maren, I’m 13 years old and i go to the 8th grade on the Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium in Sankt Augustin.I went with my class on the LitColonge event and heard your lecture about malala.I found that was a very exciting lecture, because you and Ms.Schwarzkopf and the german reader told us the story of malala very affectful.After the lecture my heart was broken. Why did the taliban do such things to such a wonderful and strong person? It’s not a ok to allowed! But I still have 1 questions, but i was too shy to ask you in front of the other: How are the family of malala reacted to the information that Malala was shot? My big wish is, that you reply a lecture about another book. I feel that the people you write about gain a voice through your books. Can you please write a book about kids with a not- normal-body like Downsyndrome or handicapped kids? It would help me a lot with my handicapping! I know you are very busy but i hope you can answer my comment! I wish you a lot ideas for your coming books and a wonderful day! Your fan Maren

  24. Laurenz Dommack says:

    Dear Patricia Mc Cormick
    My name is Laurenz Dommack , I’m 13 years old and I’m in grade 8 of the “Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium” near Bonn in Germany.
    On Thursday the 19th March , 2015
    me and my class went to the “Lit Cologne” and listened to your reading about Malala’s story.
    I really liked how you and your german translating partner presented your book and i’m very impressed of Malala’s story and how she deals with the threat of the Taliban who want to kill her.
    In Addition I wanted to ask you how much time you needed to product your story about Malala. Also I would be interested where I can buy the book on Malala’s story.
    I would be very happy, if you would answer me, altough you’re so busy and famous.
    Yours Laurenz

  25. Janina says:

    Dear Patricia McCormick,

    my name is Janina and I´m 14 years old. I visited your LitCologne event about Malala´s story with my class of the Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium last Thursday.Your presentation of your book and the way you told us the story about Malala was very interesting. Because of your good pronunciation we were able to understand most of it. I enjoyed especially your description of your meeting with Malala and that you took the time to answer our questions.
    I hope to see you once again.

    Yours Janina

  26. Nele says:

    Dear Patricia,
    my name is Nele and I am 14 years old.
    On Thursday, 19th March, I went to the LitCologne event about Malala’s story and in my opinion it was very informing and interesting. I liked that you spoke very clearly so I was able to understand you/everything. Thanks!
    That’s why I’d love to hear more of your English reading during the lecture and less of the German translation. Maybe I’ll get the chance at the next LitCologne. That would be nice:)
    I hope you will write more interesting books like Malala’s story.
    Yours Nele

  27. Lukas says:

    Dear Patricia
    My name is Lukas and I’m 13 years old. I’m in 8th grade at the Rhein-Sieg-Gymnasium near Cologne. Yesterday we visited your LitCologne reading of the book: “Malala” In my opinion it was a nice lecture and there were many pieces of information about Malala’s life. I would have liked it , if you had read more in English. Because I liked listening to you. I hope I’ll get the chance to see you again next year at the LitCologne.
    With nice regards
    Lukas, 13

  28. Raseedah says:

    I love that Sold is now a motion picture. Do you think that’s the direction I am Malala will follow?

  29. home says:

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at many
    of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless,
    I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it
    and checking back regularly!

  30. I SAID WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT! i love this book so gudda, even though this isnt even a book ^_^, oh well, i tghink im a bit dumb as a bitch anyways, lolsies

  31. dik_thunder says:


  32. Ahh, very good movie! I love it, its so amazing. It’s really interesting, I just love it all. Just amazeballs, hands up!

  33. oooh baby turkey baby says:

    yasss!!! oh baby


    i is inspired very alot. you is great authored. i very very very love this book

  35. Turkey Turk says:

    i go read never fall down it look very very book, i cant wait, you such inspire person

  36. turan enes doğan says:

    When you come to turkey?

  37. turan enes doğan says:

    You are very very good.I am read a never fall down , sold and cut . I am from turkey. I speak small english but I love you. What time go to the turkey . Thanks you … (aslında anlatacak çek şeyim varda a orta derece ingilizce biliyorum. Umarım en kısa sürede Türkiye’ye gelirsiniz . Teşekkürler…)

  38. Throughout each level the player will collect gold which
    they can use to purchase items and upgrades in towns. This will be a common theme, because everything is made of Legos in this place.

    He is probably the nicest male cast member in the history of the show
    and one of the most loved.

    • Parveen Yousafzai says:

      I want to tell my story to all world like Malala…I am from Pakistan and also dearest friend of Malala.
      Please contact me.I am waiting.Thanks

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